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Join the Gutsy Women Club, where women dare to dream and take bold actions to follow their heart's journey.

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Join the Dream Plan Save Do program for financially smart women. Begin the conversation today.

Dream Plan Save Do: Financial Freedom Program

Financial Freedom Programs

ℹ️ Online courses and workshops designed to help women reach financial freedom - and afford their dream lives - can be found at the Dream Big Money Academy. I offer personal financial coaching at Dr. Brenda Money Coach.

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Upcoming Events

Financial Freedom for Women Workshops

Live online Zoom sessions designed to help you grow your income, cut your expenses (including debt), and build your financial freedom plan. Includes three 2.5-hour sessions held Saturday morning, Sunday evening, and Monday evening. Workshops are limited to 10 persons, so sign up early.

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Gutsy Kids Club

The Gutsy Kids Club is a series of journals designed to help 4 to 8 year-olds with social emotional learning activities, like noticing emotions, making friends, and trying new adventures.

Gutsy Kids Club