About Terez

Terez was founded to spread joy and positivity in the world. Terez makes ultra-comfortable clothes with designs that are always fun-filled and high energy. They are a brilliant reminder to live your life fully and celebrate every bright moment, big and small. Terez is all about connection, heart, and a warm embrace.

What is Dovetale?

Dovetale helps Shopify stores recruit, manage, and grow sales with people who love their products. Dovetale has four main features: recruitment pages, gifting, affiliate/ referral tracking and payments.

Our Philosophy

We believe that anyone can be an 'influencer' and that influencer marketing shouldn't be just for people that have a minimum number of followers. We also think that 'influencer marketing' is evolving. We call our product 'Community' because we want to make connections with brands feel more human. Community encompasses an array of marketing strategies like rewards, sampling, gifting, affiliate, ambassador, beta testers, and more. The important part is that Community can be what you want it to be and our tools help you customize that. Affiliate and referral programs feel so transactional on their own and we're here to help brands foster relationships with people who love their products.

From the Founder, Zara Tisch


By The Numbers: January 11 → February 11, 2021

In January 2021, Terez piloted their Dovetale Community. They focused on finding community members that aligned with their brand values.


Total applicants


Total members


New followers during the period


Affiliate sales


Total commissions earned by members


Lift in net new sales


December 17, 2020

Terez built a beautiful recruiting page on Dovetale👇 to attract influencers, personal shoppers, super fans, and ambassadors.


December 18, 2020

🎉 First sale from a community member referral.