Senior Performance Marketing & Growth Engineering Thirteen years of Performance Marketing, Technical Marketing, JavaScript Development and Entrepreneurship.


🎫 2022 ╼ Launched - Stop discount extensions stealing your profit. 🎟 2021 ╼ Sold UK voucher publisher ― 32,000+ new customers. £1.3mil revenue for partners. 17x ROAS. Built from scratch. Fully automated.

Who am I? ⟶ Performance Marketing, Martech, JavaScript Development and Entrepreneurship. Digital B2C marketplaces, comparison sites, affiliates, eCommerce & startups.

I build, grow and sell fully automated B2C businesses to 100k ARR, help early-stage startups find over 150,000 new customers in 2021 and win partners over £1.3mil in sales to a 17x ROAS with automation.

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