A proposal by the BC-DAPP team to build a full DApp which will allow investors to participate in the continuous fundraising efforts of the dxDAO.


This proposal is to build a DApp that facilitates interaction with the continuous fundraising token deployed by the dxDAO. This includes a full trading interface to buy and sell tokens and an interface to view and claim dividends earned by holding these tokens.


Here is a high-level overview of the project's requirements:

  1. Full spec and visual mockups of all user flows
  2. Overview of potential curve economics
  3. Trading interface for investors to buy and sell DXD tokens using the bonding curve
  4. Dividend claim interface for token holders to view and claim dividends from dxDAO cash flow
  5. Custom bonding curve to facilitate initial distribution of DXD to dxDAO Rep holders
  6. Improve UX by supporting native ETH as reserve currency in Bonding Curve
  7. Deployment and decentralized hosting support for the DApp (ENS+IPFS, hosted on dxdao.eth)