For each article, we'll pay you $1,000 once it's published on a relevant blog, posted on social media, and distributed to at least 3 syndicated channels.

Preferred syndication channels: Medium, Reddit,, Hacker News, Hacker Noon Preferred social media channels: Twitter, LinkedIn

Our mission at Doppler is to secure the world's most valuable infrastructure through tools that developers love.

We created this program to build content that will help developers be more productive, improve application security, and learn about new technologies and emerging best practices. You have valuable skills and experience and we want you to share it with the world, with topics ranging from beginner level to extremely advanced, as long as it has to do with Doppler.

We're looking for technical writers who can write blog posts, tutorials, even documentation on topics related to using Doppler within the context of:

What We're Looking For in an Author

We're looking for Developers, DevSecOps, and Security Engineers with evidence of professional-level writing through links to previous articles that want to contribute original and new content.

The interests of our customers include secrets management and deployment tools for every major language, cloud provider, platform, and technology.

Article Styles

There is a dizzying amount of platforms and technologies developers can use for deploying and configuring applications with secure secrets management practices. We want articles that solve a concrete problem. More specifically:

  1. Write the article you wish you could've read when Googling for solutions
  2. Provide the context and challenge you were facing and the steps you took to solve it
  3. Write it as if you're sitting down with another developer and talking them through the solution.

We don't tend to look for opinion piece style articles from external writers (e.g. Top 10 DevOps trends for 2021), as it's unclear what problem that solves and for who, but if you have a topic you feel strongly about (e.g. How to Use Doppler to Manage Secrets in a Multi-Cloud Environment), then please submit a proposal.

Article Length

We tend to prefer articles that are 750 words and above as we're after in-depth content that delivers a huge amount of value.