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September 14, 2021: Search across machine learning artifacts

Dolphyn Team

We are very excited to share a simple way for you to search and index all your ML knowledge. Here is a quick demo page showing this functionality.

For a typical user building ML projects today, their work is all over the place. Some Jupyter notebooks in Github, data and model files in S3, images and config files in local folders and more. This makes it basically impossible to cleanly search across your old projects and reuse work.

With our search, we index all the pages you create in Dolphyn. This means you and your team create a knowledge repo of sorts, as you keep working. And this knowledge is always at your fingertips (Use shortcut Command K). Search results are split by Experiments, Code blocks, Data, Models and APIs for easier consumption.

Excited to see how it improves your speed. Happy building!

Screen Shot 2021-09-16 at 9.49.31 AM.png

September 7, 2021: Query Snowflake and Postgres using SQL

Dolphyn Team

We are expanding our data connections fast. You can now persist a Snowflake or Postgres connection in Dolphyn. All connection information is encrypted and stored securely as secrets that are available in your environment.