The privacy policy of Doaccel has been created with the sole intention of ensuring high level of privacy for those affiliated with the company. The provisions of this policy will govern all the data of the users and its usage.

Information collected by Doaccel

We use Gumroad as our Payment processor and downloading system. When users purchase subscription packages, they need to give email address and full name to Gumroad form which is required to contact with you later. Also, Gumroad may ask you for your location input (Country) for giving better experiences. We (Doaccel) do not store data directly on our server. For more, please visit Gumroad privacy policy: We have access to the email address of our users who are downloading or purchasing from us. This is important to give future support to our customers. Also, when a user is downloading or purchasing from us, that user will be automatically signed up on our email subscriber list for future news, updates and promotions. If any user wants, he/she can unsubscribe anytime using the unsubscribe link provided on the email.

Usage of information

The data gathered from the users will be processed only based on procedure and modes that are governed by the specified purpose of usage. These information are within the access of the internal parties like legal, administrative, sales and marketing teams and external parties including communication agents, hosting providers, mail carriers and technical service agents.

In certain cases, the users’ email addresses may be reached in order to gather inputs for enhancing the services provided. User’s personal data can be used in the processes of providing them with services that are more personalized and customized and to analyze their website usage.

Information disclosure

Both in the present or in the future Doaccel will not engage in activities such as leasing, renting or selling of customer information and personal details to any third party for any commercial purpose. But in certain scenarios, the firm might contact its users on behalf of third-party businesses in order to understand about potential business offers. In such a scenario details of the users will only be shared with such third party after getting prior consent from them.

However, in good faith and in situations applicable by law such personal details of the users will be shared without providing users with prior notifications.


The users of Doaccel’s service have the option to stop using the services of the company and to stop receiving any information from the company in the form of emails or newsletters. When the users are willing to unsubscribe prior notification has to be provided to Doaccel by emailing to The personal information of such users will only be stores as long as it satisfies the purpose of its gathering. In case of unsubscribing from any third party related services the users have to visit those websites and follow their conditions. Doaccel is not responsible for the privacy policy of any website whose link has been provided in the website of Doaccel.


Sufficient safety and precautious measures are taken by Doaccel to ensure that the technical, procedural and physical safety of the information storage is maintained. Any personal information that users provide are safeguarded against loss, misuse, disclosure, unauthorized access and modification.

Acceptance to terms and conditions

By using the services of Doaccel and its website the users are mandated to accept to the terms and conditions of the company and its privacy policy. The company has the right to make changes to this privacy policy and make updates and the users will not be notified of these changes. Continued usage of the services and the website of Doaccel means that user is aware of the current version of the terms and policies of the company as stated in the website and that he or she is in agreement with the same.

Contacting Doaccel

In case of any queries in relation to the privacy policy of Doaccel or its terms and conditions please contact using the below details.