UI/UX designer interested in music, sound design, and data visualization. Have a good understanding of different aspects of software development through the work in both design agency and product agile environments over 6 years. I have experience across all phases of the product design process: conducting a user interview, creating prototypes and high-fidelity mockups, assisting developers with implementation and testing.

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UI/UX Designer and Business Analyst at Genestack

January 2018–present · 🇬🇧 Cambridge, UK (previously 🇷🇺 Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

Contributed to launching a new product after a major company pivot. Designed and assisted with the implementation and delivery of large product features and components. Key responsibilities:

Lead UI/UX Designer at Rocket Firm

Jun 2015–Jan 2018 · 🇰🇿 Almaty, Kazakhstan

Designed websites and mobile apps for customers from the travel, insurance, finance, education and entertainment industries. Was promoted to lead designer after a year. Key responsibilities: