Whether you're looking to apply, have literally just submitted your application, or are already in a few conversations, you might be anxious to know what's next...

Don't worry, no more guessing! We've demystified our interview process below.

Important things to remember throughout:

#1: Exploratory chat

One of our talent specialists will have a call to discuss you, the role, and Dixa in general 💭

We'd love to hear more about your relevant skills, experiences, and motivations. You'll also have time to learn more about Dixa and our cultural values.


Our talent specialist is your friend throughout the process. Think of this as a conversation over a cup of coffee (or the beverage of your choice) ☕. We want to learn why you're interested in Dixa and the role, and how your cultural beliefs align with ours.

For our technical roles, we like to be a little more hands on about the technical projects you've worked on, walking through your learnings, and understanding the tech stack you've previously used.

That's it! No tricks, we promise 🙏

#2: Technical assignment

After your screening call, our talent specialist will send across a thorough brief to complete a take-home technical assignment. Our Product & Engineering team has carefully crafted tasks specific to each role, which simulate real on-the-job challenges. You'll get a true sense of the challenges you'll face, and we'll get to see you in action. 🎥