“a bad bitch was so slick that she made him think he was calling the shots while she planted the seeds and was the owner of all his thoughts.” Winter, The Coldest Winter Ever

📖 books read this year: 3

<aside> 👋🏽 welcome to my digital bookshelf


<aside> 💡 **book buying TIPS

purchase used books on amazon** — do you really need that book brand new? some books yes, but not all of them. pick and choose which books you want to spend full price on. for me it’s biographies, memoirs, and autobiographies that I like brand new. although i did purchase mary wilson’s book used on amazon for $1.33!

purchasing books from the goodwill — i have found some of the most amazing reads randomly at the goodwill where books cost no more than $2! i’ve gotten brand new books and book that are years old.

book thrift shopping — hop on goog and search for a used book store. they often have amazing deals and also buy back books from you for store credit

rent from the library — there is nothing better than FREE and the library is 100% free and it also pushes you to finish a book since most books have to be returned within 3 weeks.