Where are your pickup locations?

Pastel serves most of the Bay Area, including San Francisco, the North Bay, East Bay, Peninsula, and South Bay (no Wine Country — yet!). Our routes currently loop through more than 20 pickup locations, and we add more spots all the time. For the most up-to-date list of locations, make sure you’re logged into your Pastel account. In the purple box at the top of your screen, you can browse the full list of locations. And if you want us to come to your neighborhood or workplace, shoot us a note!

How do I choose delivery?

Pastel started with pickup, and we’re expanding delivery. To choose delivery, make sure you’re logged into your Pastel account. In the purple box at the top of your screen, select “delivery.” After you check out, you’ll receive a text requesting your address and any notes. Delivery is available depending on zip code. So if you’re not spotting the option, we might not be delivered to your area just yet! But please reach out and mention your zip, and we’ll try to help.

How do I place an order?

Browse delicious menus from small and local food makers. Simply add items to your cart by tapping the plus sign icon (+) on the product image. When you’re done filling up your cart, go to the bottom left of your screen, and click on the bag icon to check out!

How do the preorder windows work?

Preorder three days in advance for pickup or delivery. So specifically, order by end of day Tuesday (11:59pm) for that Friday, or the end of day Saturday (11:59pm) for the following Tuesday. Planning ahead supports small businesses because they can make exactly the right quantity, without wasting food.

Could you explain the fees?

Your order supports small and local businesses! Most of our food makers pay a sustainable 10% commission, while our customers pay a 20% surcharge on every item, plus a $5 pickup fee or $15 delivery fee on your order. That’s in contrast to other delivery apps, which take as much as 30% from restaurants, while customers are charged fees that can add up to 40 to 50%.

Our fees support our team! They cover our operations, receiving and storing your treats, sorting and packing them into bags, and rolling to your neighborhood. They also help fairly compensate our core team of employees (not contractors!) with above-market wages, company ownership, and health benefits. And as we expand delivery, we’re partnering with a local company, which pays drivers above-market wages. Thanks for supporting the humans who make and bring your favorite foods.

Where can I enter promo codes?

Promo codes can be entered during checkout in the box above your subtotal. We only allow one promo code per order.

Can I add items to my order after checking out?

Yes! Even after you’ve placed an order, you can still add to it. You can place multiple orders, and so long as they're for the same day and placed before preorders close, we'll bundle them together for pickup or delivery and waive that fee ($5 for pickup or $15 for delivery).

Can I edit items in my order after checking out?

Yes! If you need to change or cancel any items in your order, shoot us an email with your order number and request. We can edit orders before the preorder window closes. So specifically, shoot us a note by 6pm Tuesday for Friday orders, or 6pm Saturday for Tuesday orders. After that, our makers will have already started cooking, and orders can’t be edited or canceled.

Can I change my pickup location after checking out?

Yes! You can change it on your order details page. Find the order, click on “receipts,” and hit “change.” You can change your pickup location up until 9pm the night before. If you placed multiple orders, make sure to update the address for each of them. And if you have any other questions, shoot us an email with your order number(s).

Can I switch my order from pickup to delivery or vice versa?