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It's October ! And "October" means.. DRAWTOBER AND BLOCKTOBER !

Drawtober*:** Every October, artists do one drawing a day the entire month. (If you want to have an idea, check "Inktober" We call it "Drawtober" as the term has been copyrighted two years ago). This edition, we decided to make an Empire prompt list as well, which is posted directly in the discord channels. It is not mandatory to follow it, any other prompts lists are still accepted!*

Blocktober Every day in October, one early blockout/layout (from games) is posted with the hashtag #blocktober.

Following this idea, we decided to create a similar challenge for 3D Environment Artists who are interested ! The #dintober-chat will be open so you can post your progress. We mods will check it regularly to give feedback and encourage you along the way !

✨Behold, the thiiird edition of Dintober !✨

The goal of Dintober is to finish an environment/diorama in a month. There are 14 steps overall. You can define the time you use on those steps, as long as you keep the time constraint in mind (1 month) and try to post your progress once a day (even small). If you feel more comfortable, you can scramble some of them and invert them (ex : Texturing if you need a trimsheet for your structure). When posting in the channel, please state which step you're in !

The example images below are from a project I did prior to Dintober to explain the steps. Hope you find them useful!

1st step: Moodboard / Intentions. Define what you’ll be doing for this Dintober, find references of what you want to make. You can either choose a concept to follow, mix references, or sketch something yourself. If you don’t want to choose the theme yourself, you can choose in the images we propose (below). Make a list of your needs to achieve your goal.


2nd step: Blockout Macro (Big shapes). Create your main composition using low resolution assets. Do not add color yet, focus on big structural shapes, the main elements of focus.


3rd step: Blockout Micro (Medium or small Shapes). Add prototypes of elements that are secondary to add more depth to your environment. NO DETAILS. Add a camera.


4th step: Add solid color to your prototypes, do a lighting first pass to put emphasis on the important parts of your composition. (no need for unwrap at this stage).


5th step: Tweak what you already have, list and define if you need more or less things. If you don’t feel like you need it and think you should move on, move to step 6.

6th step: Prop Modeling: Architecture/Structure/Terrain (unwrap included). In the example project there was no real structure, so I considered the "table and plate" to be that, and made the sculpt/final shape.


7th step: Prop Modeling, Main Composition elements (final modelling of the macro prototypes) -Unwrap Included


8th step: Prop modelling: Secondary composition Elements (micro prototypes) - Unwrap included


9th step : technical stuff. If you need a skybox, water, particles, anything specific to your environment, this is the step 😊 In the example I set up the skybox base texture and the smoke coming from the cup.