Quora is an underrated marketing treasure.

Here is how I would write answers on Quora for the various doubts people have:

What do I need to start freelancing?

Very good. If you value your time and freedom, this is a necessary, even though harsh, step which you have to take to reclaim your value.

I won't repeat the cliché advice, but there is some underrated advice I would like to emphasize to you.

Make a Work Portfolio

It can be anywhere, depending on your field of Freelance. It can be anything.

So, for example, if you are going to freelance in Social media marketing, make sure to have a decent number of followers yourself first.

This way, if you approach someone to do their marketing, you can show them your social media as Proof of Work.

Work at a Low Rate

Yes, you heard it right!

Initially, you will likely have to work at a lower rate to make your portfolio.

It might seem infuriating, but it is a necessary step to attract the initial clients.

Through this, you gain experience and testimonials, which you can use to attract more clients and even charge the previous ones!

Build a Network

No matter what you want to freelance in, personal branding is a must to attract clients. As you do personal branding to generate inbound leads, you should also grow your network to get more possible clients.