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Getting Started

How do I install the Pickaxe Sheets Add-On?

Getting started with Pickaxe

How Pickaxe works

How do you find people from LinkedIn?

How do you find email addresses?

How many job titles can I search for at one time?

How can I export my leads to CRM?

Can I export my leads to a mail merge tool?

Troubleshooting / Issues

My search returns results that don’t match my job keyword. Why?

Pickaxe is returning ‘no email found’. Why?

When I click 'Find People' or 'Fetch Emails' nothing happens!

My spreadsheet formatting went all wonky!


Is there a free trial?

How do I buy more credits?

If an email is incorrect, does it still cost me credits?

Where can I see my usage?

Do unused credits expire?


I don’t use Google Sheets. Can I still use Pickaxe?

How can I get help?

Do you have an affiliate program?

Can I paste leads from elsewhere into Pickaxe to find their emails?

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