Last week we published our fully documented and test packages. We also conducted UI unit tests when it comes to the UI but now we are going to do further end-to-end testing. The report website is nearly at a final state and ready to be shown to the world how SMS-It has come together!


<aside> 🎯 **What are we looking to achieve?

  1. The UBF SMS API.** We reviewed our Interface and realised that it was using language surrounding Twilio and it was important to make it more generalised so it can be used for any backend.

2. Testing the UI more rigorously. Now that we have the UI unit tests out the way, it was now time to focus more on usability as well as making sure the system works as expected so we made an end-to-end test suite.

3. Final Report Website We have the skeleton of a website with a few draft post, this week we mainly focused on filling every page with the necessary content and working on getting it to a final state



We wanted to define a stable interface for the high-level actions we care about - creating, getting, and managing chatbot instances in an SMS environment. In addition, future developers would likely want to use a different backend to Twilio.

   * Attempts to connect to Twilio with your 
   * Account Sid and Auth Token from
   * returning twilio client object on success.
function tryConnectingToTwilio()

Originally the interface was designed in a way which would refer to Twilio terms and was Twilio specific.

   * Attempts to connect to the backend with your 
   * authentication options
   * returning an authenticated client object on success.
   * this client is to be passed to other API calls.
function tryConnecting()

However, the whole point of UBF is to allow for the support of other services and give developers the ability to create their own backend.

That's why we generalised the interface to no longer be Twilio dependent and is now implemented by our ubf-to-twilio package.

End-To-End Testing

Last week we carried out unit tests for every bit of the UI and this week was time for full end-to-end testing.

Carrying out these E2E tests not only ensures that: