Chat rooms are designed for more casual, real time group conversations. In a chat room you can send and reply to messages, photos, videos, GIFs and files, mention people, react with emojis, pin messages, create polls and events, and more...


Sending a message

To send a message, go into a room in a home, type your message into the input bar, and hit the Send icon (it looks like this: ⬆️ ).

Editing & deleting

Anyone who has the "Delete messages" permission in a home or room can delete messages. Only you can edit your own messages.

On Mobile: To edit or delete a message on mobile, press and hold on the message to bring up the 'action sheet'. Then select "Edit" or "Delete".

On Web / Desktop: To edit or delete a message on web, hover over the message to bring up the 'action sheet' in the right side of the screen. Then select the edit or delete icon.

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