Devfolio provides an end-to-end hackathon platform to help organizers host great hackathons by focusing on what matters most, i.e. hacker experience while Devfolio takes care of all the heavy lifting.

The platform is the result of a need for intuitive tools to manage large-scale hackathons like ETHIndia, wmn; and InOut (7 editions so far) handcrafted and organized by the Devfolio team. This, coupled with the lack of availability of a unified and seamless platform to manage hackathons, is the motivation behind unique features such as Apply with a click and Hacker RSVP Management.

Devfolio makes organizing hackathons a breeze.

Organizing hackathons can get stressful pretty soon with organizers needing to juggle multiple tools and platforms apart from running logistics on the ground to bring it all together seamlessly for their attendees. Devfolio replaces multiple tools and platforms which organizers would otherwise need to use - Google Forms/Typeforms for applications, Mailchimp for emails, and GitHub/Devpost for project submissions.

Easily accept applications from your hackathon website, gather essential information from hackers, and get projects submitted on a publicly shareable link. Devfolio also allows you to leverage our vibrant, hacker community. Get up to double the number of applications through the platform itself, from hackers who’re always on the lookout for new hackathons to participate in!

Analyze and track application metrics, review profiles and send hackathon invitations with ease using Devfolio’s powerful organizer dashboard. The dashboard is packed with nifty features that organizers need like email announcements and logistics management.