<aside> 💻 Interested in tech or want to get a better sense of what's in the Philippine student startup ecosystem? Here's a little highlight reel of the best communities, resources, and programs you should know about as a student in tech.


Three years ago as a high school senior in Cavite, I wrote "A Guide to CS in High School (PH Edition)". Written a bit over a year after Developh (then Developers' Society) launched, I had so much to learn and absorb about the tech scene. Now, I've delved quite a bit into the startup industry and wanted to compile some of the most meaningful resources and spaces I've been a part of over the years. Community, discovery, and the uninhibited room to explore and grow have been vital to my own growth — and will be for any future technologist as well.

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— Chia Amisola (chia.design) Send me a message if you have any questions or concerns!

✍️ Learning


Hustleshare, Ron Baetiong

Hustleshare Podcast

A podcast highlighting Filipino founders, business leaders, and unique hustlers–hosted by a founder himself.

Roots Podcast, Alexis Collado

Roots - A Podcast on Filipino Designers

Over eighty episodes on the life + career journeys of Filipino designers produced by Alexis Collado.

Startup Mindsets, Dan Gonzales & Earl Valencia

Startup Mindsets

Southeast Asian tech and innovation. Support on Anchor.fm

The Bukast

The Bukast

A podcast on how technology is fundamentally different in developing countries like the Philippines.

makesense Radio

makesense Radio: Stories of Social Innovation

Stories of social innovation from Makesense Philippines.

techph.org, Luis Baring

Home - techph.org

Podcast highlighting leaders and innovators in tech. (Still new, only 6 episodes so far.)

Asia Tech Podcast

Welcome to Asia Tech Podcast - Voice of the Asian Tech Ecosystem - Asia Tech Podcast

Title explains a lot!

Kumu Kwentuhan Podcast

The Kumu Podcast: Kumu Kuwentuhan

One of the fastest-growing live streaming apps in the country delves into the ups-and-downs of building a tech startup.

On Call with Insignia Ventures

On Call with Insignia Ventures

Listen in to calls with various founders of Southeast Asian startups.