If you are a Developer DAO Member who is also a founder of its own project and you are looking for help in fundraising, then you are able to receive free support from DAO's Fundraising Operators:

Wikist#4898 & chuck25#4313

Before you will be able to schedule a call with the Operators, you will have to give us some more information about your project and yourself.

Please submit this form in order to do that. It consists of 2 separate parts, please be aware of that. Link to schedule a meeting will be provided at the end of this process.

<aside> 📬 Request for Fundraising Support for D_D Members


If you want us to review your grant application, please provide us with a link to a Google Docs version of it. We will then be able to comment on it or make some edits.

Make sure to give us the comment or edit permissions (whichever you prefer).

Google Docs is a free to use document editor provided by Google.

If you want to know the state of the review of your draft grant application, follow the link below.

<aside> 🔄 Grant Application Pipeline