You can help set kids free!

Destiny Rescue is looking for people to join the fight against child sexual exploitation and human trafficking. Is it you? International job opportunities exist in one of our rescue nations around the world. Review available positions below and see how you can your skills to rescue children from sexual exploitation and put them on a path to freedom.

Open Volunteer Positions

International Roles

<aside> <img src="" alt="" width="40px" /> If you believe you are being called to help forward the mission of Destiny Rescue don't hesitate to apply for the position that best suits you. Or you can submit an expression of interest by completing our application form below. We can stay in touch and let you know when positions become available.


About Destiny Rescue

Destiny Rescue is an international non-profit organization that rescues children from sexual exploitation and human trafficking. After rescue, we strive to help them stay free by developing freedom plans that address the unique vulnerabilities that led them to be exploited. We currently conduct rescue operations and reintegration efforts in nine countries around the world with funding offices in the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

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From one of our longer term volunteers:

Caroline, Pansar, Pa & Meesar.jpg

If you are considering a volunteer position with Destiny Rescue I can highly recommend it! I've had the privilege of volunteering with DR for six years, five of which were spent abroad in Thailand working closely with national staff whilst living in a community of like-minded volunteers from all around the world who have become family to me.

Some days can be tough (I will admit) yet very rewarding, prepare to be stretched, challenged and inspired by the stories you hear and the bravery found within each and every individual rescued.

You will not regret for a minute volunteering with Destiny Rescue, you have the opportunity to set captives free whilst using your specific set of skills in a practical way. Be prepared to bring your passion with you and see where it will lead you and what you can achieve.

I will cherish the memories from my days volunteering with DR for the rest of my life!