Design Manager and Coach

I’m a source of support for designers of all levels as an organized, inclusive, and open-minded mentor and coach. I facilitate collaborative spaces for building relationships, increasing the self-directed potential of team members, and advocating for the strategic value of design and empowering others to do the same.

Areas of Focus

Building relationships and prioritizing human-to-human interactions

Instilling confidence in teams to make informed and unified decisions that help unlock new opportunities for collaboration, efficiency and innovation

Combining the methodologies of Agile, Design Thinking, and Lean, focusing on product design, development, and team building

Developing an open and inclusive culture of support where creativity and collaboration can flourish

Cultivating a retrospective mindset and reflecting on what was ineffective, then tuning and adjusting behaviour accordingly


I manage, mentor and coach practitioners by helping them develop through feedback sessions and by facilitating project environments where they can practice what they learn and learn from what they practice—leading towards their growth goals.

I have a passion for advocating and advising on the business value of design and how it can help organizations by using human-centred approaches to improving alignment and delivering measurable outcomes.

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