🎯 The Dehidden Mission

At Dehidden we love NFTs, and we'd love for NFT collectors to benefit from holding their NFTs.

Making the NFT experience better is what drives us every day. We want users to be able to access them easily and also provide them with seamless experiences to unlock utilities for the NFT, with the ultimate goal of making the Metaverse possible and easy to use.

Today, it's hard to build these into an NFT. Dehidden is a better way to author the next generation of dynamic, intelligent, and immersive NFTs.

Dehidden is building the Layer-2 for NFT Utilities. The platform allows you to launch smart NFT experiences in a completely visual canvas, with no code. 🤯

Sounds like your jam and something you're passionate to learn about and expand as well? Bring your talent here, let's shape the Metaverse together!

🔭 Our Product Vision

We're bullish on the idea that the next phase of the NFT space is around what you can DO with the NFT. Not just based on how it looks or who has 'em.

Okay, but adding such utility means coding a smart contract and you know what that means? Complexity.

That's where we come in. Dehidden makes it as simple as an existing SaaS Web2 tool to author such experiences.

Dehidden is the simplest way to add utility to your NFTs. We're a no-code platform to launch smart NFT experiences using a visual canvas.

We want to provide a platform for new and existing users in the space to upgrade or launch functionally-focused smart NFTs. Through a simple click-and-configure no-code platform, creators can simply add utility modules to their NFT collections, and create innovative experiences for their audiences.

Purchasing any NFT powered by Dehidden unlocks incredible utilities like access to augmented reality tools, core 3D files, exclusive communities, forging meta-physicals etc., all with a single link.

Dehidden continually adds new utilities to your NFTs, making them accumulate value over time!

⌛ Our Hiring Process

<aside> 💡 We know that a job search has been a long & exhausting task for you. So we aim to quickly complete the hiring process and let you know the next steps within a very short time frame. Head over to the page below for complete procedure.


🔹 Hiring Process

💼 Open Roles