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What is Decentralised Finance (DeFi)?

All around the world, decentralised finance enthusiasts are crafting the building blocks of a new financial system, enabled by blockchains and other decentralized ledger technologies. Over the last couple of years, the term DeFi (Decentralised Finance) emerged to describe what is happening on Ethereum.

We're noticing the emergence of financial services that work without intermediaries, in a fully transparent and trustless manner. People from all around the world are now lending and borrowing from one another, without a bank in between them. They can swap tokens, including tokens representing real-world assets such as a house, without intermediaries. Everything happens on-chain, is documented and can be referenced to.

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Before we dive into the cool stuff, let's make sure you have the basics. Why decentralisation matters? What does it bring? What is money? What's a stablecoin? What are NFTs? If you can't answer one of these questions, the following articles are probably worth the read:

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