Last Updated: 12th June 2020

🧭 Mission

We are building the AWS of developers. We strongly feel that product startups and companies should be focusing on product-market fit and growth instead of struggling for high-quality tech talent.

Companies should be able to get talent as easily as they are able to get access to cloud.

We source talent through multiple sources such as direct hiring and aggregating from vendors in India, Ukraine, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam.

We are also working on launching an upskilling program.

🔭 Vision

Our vision is to be the default option for high-quality engineering; to build a platform where great engineering talent can develop themselves further and high-performance engineering teams can push the boundaries of what their products can do.

🥅 Goals

These are some of our most audacious and not-so audacious goals 😇

Pending Goals

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