Image Description: The header image is a photo of books with a black tint to it. At the bottom right corner there is small box of text that reads "towards an anticolonial future." At the top left, you can see the dob logo. The icon is the dob logo, of three lines resembling books and dominoes— with two leaning against one book almost like they may topple. Next to the logo is a word mark that says "dob".

the dob Manifesto

who we are:

decoloniszing our bookshelves is a digital humanities project focused on making literature and art by authors of marginalised and intersectional identities more visible and accessible.

our short term goal:

Creating a space that values literary works by authors of marginalised and intersectional identities, and promoting this literature while making resources for decoloniszing accessible

our long term vision:

Generating a decolonised and depatriachised public consciousness to build equitable, diverse, and sustainable systems and infrastructure in the future

our projects:

The Zing

decoloniszing our bookshelves: towards an anticolonial future.

curating narratives: reading lists, oral archives, syllabi

reading beyond the monopolies: bookstores near you

the public calendar


our sister projects:


Literature Journal | Bilori Journal