<aside> ℹ️ tldr: We are looking for an Operations Associate for our team. This is an opportunity for an ambitious quick learner to grow in a startup environment. You can apply at the bottom of this page.


What is Deci?

Hi, we are Deci. Welcome! Deci is on a journey to change the worlds relationship with numbers.

Deci is a low-code notebook where data is easy to gather, model and report on. We're removing barriers and making it easy for everyone to use data in meaningful ways.

We are a young startup and have a team of 12 people, all working remotely.

In this position, you will get to learn every aspect of building a business from the ground up. You will be working with Nuno, Kelly, Roberto, Pedro, and Diana. Most of the work would be working alongside Nuno though, and coordinating the team.

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