One of the most fundamental parts of being a manager are the one-on-one (1:1) conversations. As a manager one of your primary goals is to make sure your team functions in an efficient and healthy manner.

These conversations serve as a tool to provide clarity and direction. For your team these conversation are the channel where they can voice their concerns and have personal conversations related to career growth but also a place to receive feedback and performance insights.

For you as a manager 1:1's represent the opportunity to understand what can you do to remove obstacles or assist your team so they can succeed in their goals and find out what can you do better.

Last but not least these meetings are the perfect opportunity to use them as a sensor of team health and morale. If your team is burned out or the morale is low, use these meetings to search for the root cause.

On this page you will find a list of resources, articles, tools, books and common 1:1 questions that will help you prepare and organise effective 1:1s:

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