At Realtime we believe that online connection is simply a means to an end: the Internet should allow people to make real friends that they connect with in the real world, and not just through a screen. We’re firm believers in authentic expression, inside jokes, diverse interests, and genuine connection.

Our vision is that Realtime will be the dominant way in which the entire world translates online social interactions into IRL communities. A lot of amazing builders and creators believe in this vision.

💰 Realtime is backed by:

Just to name a few...other investors include founders and senior leaders at some of the dopest orgs, like Crunchyroll, Snapchat, Kickstarter, Meetup, Tinder, Facebook and many more! Check out the full list here.

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Our two co-founders consider themselves more artists than technologists. As college dropouts and best friends, they know that the best people and ideas come from unexpected places. You can read more about them and our vision on Medium.


As Realtime’s Head of Design, you’ll be responsible for all things visual. You will build, lead and manage our design team to ensure our products and features are valuable for Realtime’s users and communities, are easy to use, and excel in craftsmanship and execution. You’ll play an integral part in establishing how our brand is perceived. Additionally, as Head of Design, you will: