Monday Send

Hey [Name] - We were last in touch when [company name] worked with Trivia Factory to host pub quiz.  Over the pandemic some industry friends and I came up with a game called TriviaLAB. I think it could do really well at [company name].  Possible to share some details when you have 10 min or so?

Hope things have been good, and business is beginning to return to normal!



Tuesday Send

By the way, our site makes it easy to schedule and communicate with us, just like any other vendor. Is [company name] considering bringing back trivia? If so use the promo code “50off”.  It comps two weeks on the first month that you want to start.

Talk to you soon - take care!



Thursday Send

Hi [Name] I just read that some restaurants are paying up to three out of every ten bucks to 3rd-Party sites, as commission on delivery and takeout orders.  Has that been the case for you? Seems insanely excessive considering margins are already around 4% on average.

The goal here isn’t just to get customers back and spending money inside the bars. Unlike other companies, I want to give owners and managers an easy way to track how their trivia night is doing.

The app we built will tell you things like the number of teams that show up, who’s a repeat customer, and how much time players are spend there.  I’d love your feedback if you want to check out how it works. Thoughts?