Updated 26 October 2022

Welcome to Sly Flourish's Lazy Campaign Template for Notion.so. Duplicate this notebook and customize it to fit your own needs. Read Using Notion for Lazy D&D Prep or watch this video on Notion for Lazy Dungeon Masters.

This notebook makes heavy use of two underlying databases: the character database and the campaign database. Each holds cards for characters, NPCs, locations, villains, and items.

Add character information including pictures and notes to the Character Database. Add NPCs, Locations, and Villains to the Campaign Database. The Characters, NPCs, Locations, Villains, and Items pages are views into the campaign database filtered on the appropriate tags. Both databases contain some sample characters, NPCs, villains, and locations. Add images to every card to inspire you and give you images to share with your players.

"Configure the template" for the "Generate Session Planning Template" button (the little gear icon on the right when highlighting the button) to tailor your own session notes page and get rid of the instructional cruft. Then create new session notes by clicking "Generate Session Planning Template" below and renaming the page to the date and campaign.

Customize and duplicate this template for each campaign you're running. Come back to the original template when you're building a new campaign notebook for changes and updates. I update this template regularly.

Let me know what changes you've made so I can learn from you!

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Campaign Database

Single-Page Lazy DM Prep Template

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Template Change Log

Here's a list of most recent changes to this campaign template. You can remove this section when copying it to your own. Check back on the original template to see what changed.