Before the meeting

  1. Calendar event for the meeting, must have:
    1. Link to the Zoom room
    2. Link to the agenda of the meeting
      1. Agenda must be an editable Notion page
      2. Agenda must be complete before the meeting
  2. A meeting should be as short as possible
  3. Ask yourself: can this be done just as well async?
    1. Yes: don't have the meeting
    2. No: why not? Are there ways to mitigate that?
    3. If still no: have the meeting
  4. Enable "Modify event" under guest permissions for your event to allow others to adjust the calendar invite if necessary. This is easier than asking you to make changes, it allows others to bias towards action.

An example meeting agenda

  1. Job: Use a numbered list, where each new point starts with someone's name
    1. If you're taking notes, you can do it like this
    2. Job: If you want to add something, add your name in front. This allows the speaker to address you directly
  2. Marcelo: I also have a point
  3. Filipa: When new points come up, add them in the same way.
    1. Keep taking notes
  4. For a foolproof method, check out the Single Minutes of Truth (SMoT) page.

During the meeting

  1. Start on time.
  2. If you're not talking, take notes in the shared document
  3. Keep each other focused. If someone trails off, or goes in-depth on a subject that doesn't concern all attendees, stop them. That should be reserved to only those it applies to
  4. If you are not contributing or benefitting from a meeting, leave it
  5. If it's not on the agenda, it's not discussed

When to end a meeting

On time or before time. Not after time.