Managing a Podcast with Notion


So how will managing a podcast in Notion be helpful? Well, there are a few ways that the freedom of Notion let's us be creative with not only sharing of our podcast information but also the organization.

What information do I want?

Production Workflow

Before Publication

  1. Verify that Podcast audio is done and finalized for publishing
    1. Levels are consistent, audio is free of any obvious artifacts
    2. MP3 ID3 tag information is filled out
      1. - Windows
      2. - Cross Platform
      • Tags to Use
      • Example Screenshots
    3. Title is done, i.e. Episode 1 - The Final Frontier...of Chat!
    4. Transcript, links and description text is filled out
    5. Create Episode Database Entry
    6. Upload audio, verify it properly plays
  2. Upload and Publish to Podcast Publishing Platform
    1. Make sure copyright information and all relevant tags are filled out
    2. Split audio into segments if inserting Sponsored Ads
    3. Properly label audio segments
  3. Schedule social media posts

Format & Overview

Show Ideas

This could also be a toggle block.

Pictures & Graphics

Note: iTunes (and others) it is recommended for a 1400x1400 square image.

Image must be on server that supports HEAD protocol, JPG and PNG and identical height/width plus RGB color space.

To test if server supports HEAD protocol

curl -i -X HEAD [<>](<>)

Intro Music

Music: Music title

Note: Any notes as to copyright usage, payment, etc.

Copyright Notice: Put your copyright notice to be included here.


RSS Feed Format

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