The Editing Toolbar helps you to control the content of a topic that you are editing. Many functions in the Golden editor can be found in the formatting bar at the top of the page:

Basic text formatting

Bold, italics, and underline

Bold: Highlight text, click the B button or use the hotkeys: ⌘ + B / Ctrl + B.

Italics: Highlight text, click the I button or use the hotkeys: ⌘ + I / Ctrl + I.

Underline: Highlight text, click the U button or use the hotkeys: ⌘ + U / Ctrl + U.


Highlight desired text and click the H1 or H2 buttons for large and small heading respectively. Note that headings cannot have links inside them.

Bullet and numbered lists

To begin a numbered or bulleted list go to a new paragraph and click the above buttons respectively. Press enter to start a new line. Hit enter again or the list button to exit the list.


Highlight the desired text and click the link icon.

Choose either an internal link to another Golden page or an external URL.

If the topic you want to link does not yet exist on Golden yet you can and should create the topic directly from the 'Create New Topic' button.

<aside> 💡 Whenever possible, links within the body of the text should be internal links. External links will be used more often within infoboxes E.g. company twitter page, github repository, etc.