Connect your app to Cookie Script and add dynamic cookie/services consent.

With this plugin, you will be able to find out which permissions your users accepted and which ones were denied. Specially indicated plugin for Countries with GDPR.

— This only affects you if you had the plugin installed before 09/23/2021 —

<< WARNING UPDATE >>: Due to an update on bubble core, some scripts added dynamically in the header were not working correctly. Bubble seems to have fixed this issue on 09/23/21, but the problem has appeared again. We have deployed a permanent fix to prevent this from happening again. Requires changing the script code from the plugin tab to the plugin element (in the page).

See how to update: here and here.

— If you are a new plugin user, you don’t need to follow the above instructions. —

1- Sign up in Cookie Script:

Cookie-Script: GDPR | CCPA | ePR cookie compliance solution

2- Configuration:

(After sign-up and activating the account, → Navigate to your Dashboard or use this URL:

Press on the "+ Add website" button → Fill in the fields with your website details.

Note: make sure you add the URL without /version-test/ (you need to have deployed version; otherwise, you have to include /version-test/ in the URL.)