Storybook 7 is our first major release in over 2 years. A lot has changed during that time, so this is a big one. This guide is meant to help you upgrade successfully!

0. Major breaking changes

The frontend ecosystem moves quickly, so we’ve accumulated a lot of breaking changes in Storybook 7. The rest of this guide is intended to help you migrate successfully. However, there are a few major breaking changes that you should know about before you go further:

If any of these apply to your project, please read through the migration notes before continuing. If these are hard requirements, you should probably stick with Storybook 6.x.

1. Automatic upgrade

To upgrade your Storybook:

npx storybook@next upgrade --prerelease

This will:

To add Storybook to a project that isn’t currently using Storybook

npx sb@next init

This will:

2. Manual migrations