You can write just about anything as long as it speaks to your experiences during pandemic life. For example, you could write a fictional short story and include an abstract that explains how this story relates to your experience.

From the COVID-19 Archive website: We imagine that there will be both traumatic and dislocating moments in this year of the pandemic, and ask you to share as you encounter them. The same is true for moments of unexpected joy--of spending more time with family or friends. Your contributions can and should come from the landscapes of your daily life, both in suburbs and cities, but also through the social media and interwebs that increasingly connect us. Stories can be deeply personal, political, or mundane. Help your communities to understand the extraordinary, as well as the ordinary of this moment. In the future, historians will be able to use this record of daily life to better understand the changing nature of our lives.

You may also include different types of media like pictures, videos, and audio clips. Just be sure to include some thoughtful writing with your submission. 🙂