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Inside a Blaseball Episode #1 - November 11, 2020


SB - Stephen Bell FK - Felix Kramer JC - Joel Clark SR - Sam Rosenthal EM - Elena Murphy

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No s12 date yet. BUT, to celebrate Blaseball, we would like to announce The Internet Blaseball Coffee Cup. Starting this upcoming Tuesday (The 17th), we will simulate a league of 16, all your favourite players, grouped into different teams, non-canon, competing for their favourite type of coffee. There are 13 different types of coffee in-game, so they'll all have teams, and also 3 special guest teams: The Society Data Witches (SIBR team), Pandemonium Artists (Blaseball Artists Blasesonas), and A Mystery Team (The Real Game Band) There will be weather, not the weather you're used to, no permanent effects on your players; mostly benign. Only living players, there will be betting. See Maincord's announcement for a little more info:

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