Authors: @jengajojo

Squad: @jengajojo, @Jon Otherbright, @DavidBankless, @john | Bankless Brasil, @paulDE , @GalPe, @Attilla, @eternalflame, @cyclist , @gioser @mehdi


International Media Nodes (IMN) are non-English Bankless channels that spread the message of the Bankless movement to all parts of the world through digital media tools such as (but not limited to) social media, substack, youtube, podcasts

The goal of this project is

  1. Generate a wider, multi-lingual audience for the bankless mission & vision
  2. Engaging bDAO contributors in a productive way as well as generating new contributors for local nodes and bDAO
  3. Helping entrepreneurial contributors/node operators to bootstrap their local nodes

More information can be found here


In the previous seasons, many contributors started their own media channels in local languages (without clear guidance) out of a desire to spread the Bankless message to a new audience. Those channels received decent growth and support from the local language communities and wider support from the crypto community in the form of Gitcoin grants and sponsorships

In S2, we aim to empower more contributors to start nodes in their own languages and grow the multi-lingual audience base for the Bankless mission.

Participating Nodes for S2