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The libp2p team is rolling out a NAT hole-punching solution, which makes use of the Direct Connection Upgrade through Relay (DCUtR) protocol. The target of this project is to measure the success rate of libp2p’s NAT hole-punching.

<aside> 🔥 Impact: Figuring out the success rate and potential improvements to the NAT Hole Punching technique proposed by libp2p will help us overcome a mighty problem in P2P networks in general, and IPFS in particular.



The base methodology is given below. For more details on the methodology, the infrastructure set up, as well as the project progress, please check the Github repository linked above. Meeting notes from our sync meetings (and not only) are given further down.

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NAT Hole-punching Success Rate - 2022-09-08 Data Analysis

NAT Hole-punching Success Rate - 2022-09-29 Data Analysis


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