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Week 4: The Hackathon

Idea Template: Proof of Work

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Learn blockchain fundamentals, get hands-on experience creating your own smart contract, create the foundation of a blockchain startup idea, and learn the entrepreneurial skills required to bring your startup to life.

Bring Your Blockchain Idea to Life in Three Steps:

1️⃣ Join the bootcamp to learn blockchain fundamentals and define the foundation of an idea

2️⃣ Compete in the hackathon, pitch your idea, and earn an invite into the accelerator

3️⃣ Turn your idea into a startup in the accelerator

Answers to some of your FAQs:

🌎 Participation is 100% virtual.

👌 Worried that you can’t commit to everything on the schedule? That’s fine – join when your schedule allows it! We designed this to make it easy for you to drop in during the bootcamp at any time.