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Honestly, this was an incredibly interesting one all the way through. I'd highly recommend watching the vod if you've got the time.

Salient Points:

<aside> ❗ - We figured out the identity of the reader? (#8)


VoD can be found here:

Inside a Blaseball Episode #6 - August 31, 2021


EM - Elena Murphy JC - Joel Clark SB - Stephen Bell RM - Roldan Melcon BD - Bria Davis (Slugger Croms) JR - Jesse Raccio (Director of Engineering)

(Unattributed lines are either continuations of the prior answerer or group summary lines)

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Misc Notes

Stephen helped shoot the Death of a Bachelor music video?

In Closing

We'll see you next time, we'll announce how we're gathering those questions Later. More updates will come about siesta/blaseball, follow us on twitter, etc.


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