Impactful data science. For good.

We bring data science skills to groups who need it.

DataCross partners with socially-conscious organisations who have data to provide low- and no-cost data analytics.

We empower our donors to multiply their impact for NGOs, by ensuring continued social impact for their donation.

About DataCross

Our Workflow

Create the project

We work with NGOs to define data science projects that multiply the NGO's impact.

Build a team

We assemble a team of data scientists from our volunteer pool, to oversee and execute the work.

Ensure impact

After delivery of the project results, we monitor the deployment of the work to ensure continued impact for the NGO

Ready to have an impact?

You are an organiser, passionate about helping NGOs.

You are a data scientist who wants to use their skills to make the world a better place.

You are a donor who knows that investing in data science helps multiply impacts for NGOs.

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Need our help?

We help NGOs understand their data, and how to use it to multiply their impact.

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Portfolio projects




Charity providing free healthcare for Type-1 diabetic children in Asia.

We provide analysis and visualisation of longitudinal health data.