Field of Research

At the beginning of our research, we asked ourselves how we could improve the current remote situation. Since we've experienced many remote presentations lately, we are stuck in that scenario.

Our research aim is to develop a better user experience for the presenting person. For that, we verbalized a hypothesis.

Ambient sound during a presentation on Zoom supports the attention of the listening people and the presenter. The listeners' current concentration state can be audio visualized for the presenter through a good sound hierarchy.

Concept of DASEIN

DASEIN is a plugin for video call programs, which supports the presenting person by ambient sound. The plugin makes it auditorily clear how the attention of the audience is. Distractions are detected via face-tracking of the listeners and are transmitted with a subtle sound effect at the presenting person and the inattentive person.

The DASEIN plugin tracks...

... the absence of a person (by tracking the presence of the head)

... the movement of the mouth (by talking)

... the movement of the head

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