💫 Overview

We’re building DAOHQ so anyone can join a DAO.

DAOs are Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, or joint-stock companies on the blockchain.

What we believe

Hundreds have been founded in the last few weeks, and we’re bringing together information and purchasing for them so that anybody can invest with anyone.


<aside> 🚀 We just raised a $1.3m pre-seed from Stealth Capital, Mark Cuban, BitDAO (Mirana) Ventures Jon Allen and Mavis Xu, Gitcoin’s Scott Moore, and other angel friends. Read more on Forbes:


Two Harvard Dropouts Raise $1.3M To Build The New York Stock Exchange For Web3

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Interview Process

<aside> 🛠️ We currently have five full-time contributors, and are hiring more engineers passionate about DAOs for our core team. We’re looking for proactive, gritty, and ambitious go-getters to build the future of DAOs with us. Please don’t hesitate to apply or contact us at team@daohq.co — we’d love to meet you and will get in touch!


Apply here:

We pay you for time interviewing. $5000 for successful referrals.

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