I'm a massive kit nerd. I've always spent ages poring over other people's travel kit and desk setups. But I'm also a firm believer that the purpose of all kit is to make life better somehow. Some kit (like the painting on my wall) does that by bringing me joy. Other kit does that by making it easier for me to do the things I need to.

All kit comes at a cost though: the more you own, the more you worry about maintaining or losing it. This applies equally to software – the more complex your setup, the more you fear wiping it and starting from scratch.

When I was younger, I got rid of all my stuff and lived out a bag for a year. This taught me to keep things simple and to only add kit that was really gonna make a difference.

My hardware generally falls into one of two camps: stuff I travel with in my bag; and stuff at my home desk. Pretty much the only things shared between those camps are my 2017 MacBook Pro and my iPhone 12 mini. This makes it very easy to just grab my bag and go.

My Desk


My Bag & it's Contents

Hiking, Camping and Bushcraft Kit

The links above provide a bunch of details about my kit and my software setup. I try my best to keep them up to date, but drop me a line on twitter if you want to know more about anuthing here.

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