Define our product story and drive impactful launches. We're a fast-growing developer platform that values excellence and kindness. We're remote ๐ŸŒ

Daily is the developer platform for video. We build APIs that let a developer add video chat to any app โ€”ย in minutes, on a global infrastructure, with features for every use case and team.

Live video has leapt into mainstream use, and this is just its first phase of growth. Daily APIs are designed for this and other key shifts, where video now is part of any app, and developers rapidly build with services. With 10x growth last year, we serve customers ranging from startups and high-growth teams to public companies in verticals like productivity, events, real estate, healthcare, and gaming.

The role

We're hiring our first dedicated product marketing teammate; we're excited by what you'll accomplish. At Daily, product marketing creates the frameworks, develops the insights, and delivers the launches that explain what our product does โ€”ย in ways that are clear, elegant, and delightful to our users.

More broadly, you'll play a key role in getting users excited about video. While there's a necessary technical component to our product marketing, you also craft narratives โ€” about new products, use cases and market potential โ€” that resonate with developers and audiences thinking about how to build for the future.

We're both well-funded and also relatively early in what we seek to accomplish. This role is a fit for you if you're excited about joining an opportunity to go after a big market early. As a team, we all work closely together; you especially are key in aligning engineering, product, and growth.

This is a fit for you if you'll roll up your sleeves and dive into the daily work to start. Building and managing a team is an opportunity for career growth, if you're interested. We have lots of opportunities for career advancement. (As noted below, title is dependent on experience: we're glad to hear what you're looking for.) But to be clear, as the first product marketing hire, you'll execute the work to start.

We're looking for kind doers who want to be be on a team that strives for excellence. If that sounds interesting, please considering joining us!

What youโ€™ll do