Our mission is to help product focused founders go faster and avoid common pitfalls related to funding their startup. We believe the children are our future, i.e., it is about the people, the connections between people, and about helping them discover what to build, even if it means investing in what initially seems like only the people.

We invest in 10-20 startups per year that tend to be tech heavy, scalable software products.

As founders of other programs, startups, communities, and services over the 15 years (30 years for Nigel) we have helped transform the Canadian startup landscape by focusing on early stage founders. Over time we have seen a few of them go on and create some amazing companies. Some work. Most do not.

Your path to success is not identical to how someone else did it, but I can be informed by their experience.

As we see Canada's startup landscape evolve, there is less and less people investing in the misfits, the fringe, or those that simply do not 'belong' in any group. Support has moved upstream and developed expectations that are discouraging for ambitious founders without the right connections or relationships. Founders are doing things to 'fit in' that are unnatural to them and almost always have consequences later.

This makes starting and finding your path a lot harder. It makes diversity and inclusive a lot harder. We see it as a massive gap in the market place.

We started EigenSpace as an ambitious attempt to free founder support from the need to manage multiple stakeholder attention or Limited Partner expectations and align the 'startup school' with long term founder success.

Our principles are not that different than those that guided our success creating non-profit organizations in the past:

  1. Community is the framework.
  2. Believe in founders.
  3. Hold each other accountable.

What that means to founders is that we intend to deliver on supporting you through the start of your journey and we hope that you want us with you for the long term.

We hope that you open to a conversation to test us out. See if we are what we type.

More details of EigenSpace program

EigenSpace investment in a little more detail

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