If you are a student then you already know the basic techniques of essay writing and how it all starts from nursery school. Usually, teachers encourage students to write a story about a rabbit in your preschool. Story writing refines your abilities to write a good essay in higher classes. But if you go back in time, the process of story writing starts from kindergarten when you start to make different paintings. Writing a story is nothing more than drawing pictures, where you express your emotions, knowledge, and feelings in the form of words.


In story writing, you shift from drawing to words and express your emotions through words. The art of story writing in the form of a few sentences in kindergarten enables you to write a Write My Paper in preschool. You can write your story in any form as long as it is grammatically correct. The essay writing is different where you need to follow a proper format. Your essay would not be an essay but just a set of ideas packed together without proper formatting. Essay writing is more than that where you have to convince your reader if you are writing a persuasive essay.

Types of essays

If you intend to write an essay make sure to pick a type because academics have divided essays into different types. The introduction, body, and conclusion are the same in every type it is in body paragraphs where the difference will occur. For example, the structure of the paragraph in a ‘narrative essay’ would be a lot different than a cause and effect essay. In the case of an argumentative essay, you have to present solid arguments in favour of your thesis statement.

Writing an essay can be a piece of cake and a tricky task to handle at the same time. It is easy to write for students who know all principles and techniques to follow. In other cases, you can always avail the option of hiring an academic Paper Writing Service for your essay assignment. These services have professional essay writers with years of experience in writing. I am sure you would get a well-written essay if you try it once.

Essay Writing Ways for Beginners