<aside> đź”® Showtime's mission is to onboard billions of people to crypto through a familiar social media interface. A user-owned social media is the vision. It starts as a NFT art platform, the fastest-growing crypto social niche. Once the platform reaches enough users, social tokens (like I did with $ALEX, the first ever personal token) will unlock a new type of financing for creators and users.


We are live at tryshowtime.com! Our launch tweet:



Why crypto


Graph by Richard Chen from 1Confirmation, as of March 18. Source: cryptoart.io/data.

Current NFT art platforms

Despite its immense social potential, existing solutions are transactional, optimizing for price tags and eBay-style interfaces. There is no way to own your reputation in crypto, and creators have to rely on Instagram and Twitter for NFT distribution. In addition to that, today's platforms lack the following properties:

Showtime: Discover and showcase your digital art.


Showtime today looks like the Instagram for NFTs. It aims to turn likes into money: in a platform optimizing for social capital, NFT's utility can grow from intrinsic (artistic) to extrinsic value (impressions), which is valued by advertisers. A social NFT platform could thus allow creators to monetize directly from advertisers, bypassing centralized social media. This would expand the market from "artists" and "collectors' to "creators" and "advertisers". Features of the MVP include: