Virtual hang + discussion :: Feb 9th @ 10am PST/1pm EST/ 7pm CET

2020 - Year of the Xyr

"... {Let's talk about} what is it to be an individual - especially what it means to be an individual in the biological sense. I'll be arguing that we are not individuals - and that we never were individuals.

What if we were really like lichen, that mixture of algae and fungus that never really is itself until they come together? I'm actually a composite speaking here today.

Symbiosis is the evolutionary strategy that supports life on this planet. This is not a planet of individuals."

- Scott Gilbert, Biologist

What if there is actually no such thing as an “individual” organism? What if, in fact, all species on earth are composed of interdependent interactions between different organisms?

The first xyrden reading group is an exploration of symbiosis:

What might our society look like if interdependance, rather than competition, were regarded as the evolutionary rule?